Friday, January 23, 2009

Olive's Igloo

So, I wanted to get Olive a play pen to play and sleep in. I wanted something that had an opening on the top since she sometimes gets scared and just needs you to pet her. She is still getting used to being alone. I searched for one every where! Pet stores, baby stores....nothing.

So I thought I could just make one! So I went to Ikea and they had just what I needed. I did some cutting and and sewing and after half a day Olive had her brand new play pen! No more boards and comics as her play area now! Now she has her new and very cool igloo play pen!

There are three rooms in her play pen. She has a bed room to sleep in, a living room to play and eat in, and a potty room with her pee pad. lol....


Doggy Fun

Here are some really cute photos of the two of them playing :)

Otis and Olive Playing

Otis finally realized that Olive just wants to be his little sister! They look so cute playing together

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sibling Love

So its been a few days now since Olive came into our family. Otis is very curious about her and is starting to warm up to her more and more.

Olive peaks out of her play area. This little girl is at that stage of life where you can't leave her unattended since you never know what she will try to eat. Yup, Dustin's book followed her into her play area :)

Olive makes sure to say hello to Hellboy after leaving her play area

Olive is also my new products model! Otis is very happy about that since he did not really like styling my girl hair products. I love this clip on Olive. When her hair gets longer she will start to wear it more and more!

Otis thinks "I am so happy its not be anymore. I'm a boy!"

Olive looks so lovely with her heart hairclip

Olives first bath! Too bad we don't have more pictures, but we will take more next time!

Olive styles her new sweater! This thing is so darn small!! It fit on my hand like a glove and we could not even get it over Otis' head! lol...

Otis wonders what Olive is up to.

Otis looks so darn cute in this photo

Look at those lovely green eyes

Otis says he has lovely brown eyes ...hehe...

Olive goes back to looking cute

The dogs go in for their close ups!

Olive says, "Gee Otis looks great in his close ups! I gotta try harder!"

Otis says, "I can't help it that I'm just so cute."

Olive says, "Okay fine, you win this time."

Otis wants to spend some time with Olive...yay!

Olive and Otis sleep together at Francis' mom's cute

Abbey says she wants to join in too (Apparently so does

Olive spends some quality time with Abbey. Abbey is actually a little scared of Olive because she thinks Olive is so small she would hurt her. Hehe, sweet big Abbey

And its back to some more sibling bonding :)