Monday, June 11, 2007


Gimme a woof woof...

I left the convention early on Sunday to attend woofstock! How can I miss it. I went with my boyfriend Francis, my puppy Otis, and my friend Prisilla who was not able to bring her doggy. But that did not stop me and Prisilla from going shopping happy for our doggies!

As we arrive at woofstock and start looking around we happen to come accross the end of a doggy show. They were crowning the dog boy and girl of the show. Here we have the king who is 90% polar bear hehe

Just a cute dog hanging out beside us on the grass

Here we have the queen. She is actually a Katrina rescue dog

Dogs playing in the soapy water

Otis takes a little dip in the mini pool and I watch :)

A bigger dog comes by for a little drink from Otis' pool

Otis watches the dogs play in the water. At one point when I was playing with the bubbles he jumped in and swam around. I had to keep moving the bubbles out of the way of his face. I also noticed a lot of people taking pictures of him swimming hehe.

Otis with his bubble mouth

Since Prisilla could not bring her dog we needed someone to try out the dresses for Julie (Prisilla's dog) to make sure they were the right side. Who best to try on the dressed then Otis who is only a little bigger then Julie! He looked so cute in the dresses...

From far away I spotted super cute dogs, one big and the other small that had matching outfits

I could not help myself and I asked to take a few photos

And Otis came by to say hello to them as well

This little dog was dressed up as a little warthog!

And Otis is asked to try out another dress. In this picture you can also see his Spongebob bandana

A cute little dog came by to see Otis trying out his little dress for Julie

Francis and Otis just looking around

Just another photo of Woofstock, in this one you can see Prisilla looking around as well

When we got home Otis wanted to try on one of my hair pins :)

Otis is showing off one of his outfits that I got him at the show

Otis takes a short nap in his outfit

Otis put on his other outfit to show it off as well. Doesn't he look so cool in it? hehe

Otis sure knowns how to work his clothes

There are two other outfits Otis got as well, I will try to take pictures of those and post them here as well. I think Otis is taking his styling button up green shirt to the park today so he can show off and have some fun before his big day on Wed.

Oh and I also bumped into BooBoo and his owners at woofstock! I had a blast and I hope everyone who attended did as well. Lots of free samples..yay..

Take care and till next time!!

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Joseph said...

Aww those are such cute pictures. I just heard about this event on the radio today and I wanted to bring my 8 year old golden labrador; alas it's been pretty busy for my family as of late, and I don't think I'll be attending. Maybe next year. Nice pics!