Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today We Bring You More Dog Park

And Max...

Max wants to get up close to the camera

We take a break from Max to bring two doggies humping...hehe. Otis with Oscar, so cute and funny

Laya comes by to say hi and I guessed she started Oscar,hehe. He looks scary

And more Max

Laya wants the boys to cut it out and play with her

When that does not work she just comes running to me

And even more Max cuteness! Max just likes hanging out with the girls

Nicole holds the new puppy in the park named Rogue

And more doggy fun between Otis and Oscar

Laya decides to spend some quality time with Rogue and show him around the park

Dogs just hanging out

Laya looks like she is happy

And more Laya cutenss

And who can forget about Oscar...finally some quiet time away from Otis

The dogs try to catch Laya, but this little bugger is too fast for them

And we leave you today with a little more doggy love,hehe Enjoy!

I will try to load the rest of the pictures from that day within the next few days :)

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