Friday, March 2, 2007


Welcome to Otis' little place on the net! Here you will find anything related to Otis and his family. Which includes his brother (Milo) and sister (Moo) cats, of course his mommy (Agnes, me writing) and his daddy (Francis, who may write here and there)

Reason for starting this little place for Otis is because we have so many darn pictures of the pup and I need a reason to post them! So I thought this would be a fun way to go around it.

Otis was born on November 5th 2006, and came into our family on January 11th 2007. He has a love for socks...and really a love for anything he can chew. Has a new favourite toy almost every week or so, right now its a rabbit.

So enjoy your stay and make sure to check back often for many updates to come!

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