Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Doggy's Day Out

We take a break from the action to bring you SpiderDoggy's day out! My boyfriend Francis and I decited to take Otis out to the park since spring is finally here! He had fun running around and eating everything in sight!

To start of...a doggy's bum!

Hehe, I could not help it. Anywho, here is the other side of Otis posing for the camera. If you look in the background you can even see the CN Tower :)

Me and Otis just hanging out. We found a stick for him to play with that was just the right size, but he still needs to learn how to fetch outside

Here is Francis playing with Otis...I think more like pulling something out of his mouth

Run Otis Run!

I think Otis knows just how cute he is

This has to be one of my favourite shots! Otis Posing for the camera like he is a mighty mighty dog

Just me and the doggy...

Its time to head on home...and Otis seems sad to leave

The day before it was nice and warm, but super foggy. This was taken just down the street from my place

The two men of my life :)

Enjoy :)

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