Friday, March 2, 2007

What If....

What would happen if Superman and Spiderman would meet? Would they get along? Or would they have a great battle? Well, here is our chance to find out!

Meet...Superman! Well, more like Superdog

Superman explores his surroundings...and meets strange looking creatures.

And takes the time to make sure his cape looks good.

Almost there...

Superman can leap over buildings! (Or for treats)

And fly at the speed of light!

Now meet Spiderman! hehe..more like SpiderCat

Spiderman can climb any building! Or any couch..or any counter...

Sly Spiderman can cling to anything!

What will happen when these two meet??

Will their be war? Or will they get along??? Find out next time when I finally finish uploading all the pictures! And find out how to add videos :)

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