Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day at the Dog Park

Here is Otis...Otis loves going to the dog park and playing with the doggies that come there. When we first got Otis he was afraid of other dogs and would always run away. Now he is a brand new dog! He loves playing with other dogs and might have a little bit of a Spring Fever (a.k.a. a little bit of a hound dog). I finally decided to start bringing my camera to the park so now everyone can meet his little friends that we see on a regular basis! There are videos also that I will upload...some are super funny!

As you can see many dogs like to stop on by. This is only a hand full, but a hand full of some of his best friends at the park!

The dog park makes doggies best of friends. As you can see here with Buddy (The Boxer) and one of his favourite doggy friends at the park, Max (The Bulldog)

I just can't help myself, Max is just so cute! And he seems to just love the camera.

Yup, Max again! He is so much fun to take pictures of, even when he is drooling all over me..hehe

And of course Shinobi...she has to be the cutest doggy at the park! She is so small, but yet so tough! This little pup can take on any dog at the park...when she is not getting stepped on :)

And Shinobi again

And who can forget Oscar! This is Otis' best friend at the park, but Otis at times thinks of him as a little more...haha Horney little Otis....

But Oscar still loves him

And Max again :)

Otis showing his love for Oscar

Oscar having a friendly little brawl with Basil

The trio of friends

There was something about the hole that Shinobi keeps digging at that all the dogs wanted a piece of

This looks like the doggy version of a boy band cover where all the members are looking a different way. They can be the O & O's! (Oscar and Otis)

Oscar is just such a little cutie

Aww...best friends just hanging out in the field

Shinobi chewing a stick, so cute

And Max, just hanging out


Oscar can never get away from Otis

For Otis will always pounce! and Hump...

Oscar can always try to run away...but Otis will always be right behind him

The two headed dog! hehe... Or Shinobi getting nice and close to Eddy

And finally the super cute super dog shows up! Here comes Laya!

Laya is such a sweetie and she says hi to all the dogs at the park starting with Eddy (Or more like makes sure to jump on all the dogs starting with Eddy, hehe)

Brett wishes he could join in on the doggy fun

Oh Eddy, all the doggies love you

They will follow you to the ends of the Earth and back

Laya will always be there for Eddy. When he is sad she will always pat him on the back to cheer him up :)

Laya and Eddy always have a blast at the park. So do all the other dogs!

Hope everyone enjoyed seeing what fun Otis and his friends have at the park. What do us owner do while our dogs play? We just stand there...and chat...then chase our dogs around to try to end their fun when its home time. No matter what nature will throw at us owners, we will always end up at the dog park for our babies.

So till next time!

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